Here is how we do it at Pinnacle!

Step 1: Power Wash

Power wash revives the original look of the wood. It removes dirt and gives a new look to it. Also, it depends on the condition of the deck, how much cleaning and solution it requires to completely change its look. 

Step 2: Final Coating

After the deck looks dry, it is all set for staining. For decks, we either use stained or semi-transparent color stain. The solid stain will cover all the unwanted marks on the deck. 

We follow this entire house painting process at Pinnacle.


  • Toner or Semi-Transparent Stains
    • Displays wood grains
    • Tone up while maintaining that natural look of the wood
    • Locks water that lasting 2-3 years
  • Solid Stains
    • Looks like paint colors
    • Better covering for uniform look
    • Hides stains and discolorations on deck
    • Long lasting up to 3 years
    • Less preparation, lest cost
  • Power wash to remove old stains

Check out our work below!

 Power Washing can make a huge difference!

Power Washing can make a huge difference!