Did you know that interior home painting can completely change the look and feel of your home? With us, it is possible to get the kind of homes you always wanted. Just a few strokes of attractive colors and you get a beautiful home with brightness reflecting from every corner. 

We do not just paint the walls, but also remove all those pictures and wallpapers, that you don’t want clinging on your walls anymore. 

Here are the things that we cover under our interior house painting services:

  • Fill Empty Nail Holes

  • Keep Furniture Safe While Painting The Walls

  • Remove All Electrical Face Plates

  • Sand The Areas To Be Painted

  • Carpentry Repairs

  • Re-Evaluate The Surface Condition

  • Premium Coating Of Paints

  • Final Touch-Ups

  • Clean, Vacuum, And Dusting

  • Doors 

  • Kitchen Cabinets


Just like exteriors, interiors too need painting and cleaning.
This is how we ensure that interior painting turns out to be a cakewalk for the client.

Step 1: 
Tarps and Tapes


Before getting started, it is important to keep the furniture away. House painting process can be tough, if things are not done accordingly. So, always move the furniture, remove electrical faceplates for a smooth painting process. Tarps the painting areas before you start. 

Step 2: 
Spackling & Caulking


After the painting area is taped, it is the time to seal the cracks and spaces. Sealing allows keeping the moisture away along with saving some money, which otherwise is wasted in heating the interiors

Step 3: 


Prime the area that has been damaged by smoke, water, or any other reason. Primer acts exactly like double-sided glue, which sticks to the bare surface while displaying polished touch at the top. 

Step 4: 
Final Coating


After doing all these four steps, it is the right time to apply paint on the walls. Now, our lovely colors are going to turn the way your home looks. Just two coats of paints for older homes and one for new ones is enough to make the home shine. Typically, the interiors are painted in a flat white, trim in semi-gloss, and walls in flat or eggshell in your favorite color.

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