We do not only set the standards when it comes to regular home painting jobs but also with both simple and elaborate decorative painting. Artistic Also commonly known as faux painting, PApinnaclepainters offers a variety of faux painting services, furnished by our team of professional painters.

We believe that you can get as creative as want when it comes to the four corners of your wall and even beyond. And as a home owner, you can express yourself undeniably well with your choice of faux home painting. As a home owner, you can also work along with our professional painters, in order to achieve the look and feel that you want. From the concept and up to completion, you can be sure that we can give you creative finishes and designs with our full services on faux and decorative painting.

Whether for your walls, your ceilings and even with furniture pieces, we have mastered a number of faux painting techniques and we are more than happy to offer it to you. Here are some of the techniques and motifs we use. We have also included a brief description of the technique, for you to know. 


When you want your walls, ceilings and furniture to look like an antique we give you the antiquing technique. This type of decorative painting gives an impression of aging and wearing. 

Color Washing:

Add a new tint of drama with multiple layers that will create an illusion that of color washing. Witness the beauty of an aging Tuscan plaster with the effects resulting from this type of decorative painting in your home painting.


This technique, “Combing” through wet paint can give your Interior Home Painting an interesting result. The comb can be made by different materials such as plastic, rubber and even metal.


Ever seen a cracking wall? Our professional painters can offer you decorative paintings with intentionally-produced cracks. Appealing to you and your guests, this home painting technique can be achieved by allowing the top coat to dry rapidly, while doing the opposite to the undercoat where you let it dry slowly.

Creating Borders:

Whether stenciled or created by hand, a border can soften the edges of the rooms and the lines in your ceiling. Not to mention that this also adds interest to your living space.

Creating Texture:

Textured walls are very interesting with 2-dimensional effects, adding textures to your space with the help of our home painting services can give a depth to your interior and add warmth to just about any space.


This technique done by our professional painters is the same than that of antiquing. This also gives an effect of age and wear.


Most popularly done with stones, this technique performed by our team of professional paint contractors allows a distinct and organic result. The end appearance is indeed artistic.


This is a delicate process is done by applying tinted yet a transparent paint over coat of base paint. The application of numerous layers of glaze will transpire into a rich and saturated look.


Who would have thought that you could go away with the expenses of using marbles at home? With the marbling technique used inside your home’s interior, you can achieve the look you want, without the hefty price tag.

Metallic finishing:

Add some class and royalty with the use of metallic finishing. Our group of professional paint contractors can help you come up with antique looking gold, shimmering silver and even gleaming bronze.

Mural paintings:

Mural painting is simply one of our Interior Home Painting Contractors’ specialties. This will easily transform your ordinary space into a live one. Wheter you want your child’s room painted with an African safari, or you want your master’s bedroom to be more romantic with painted ceilings, you name it.

Rag Rolling:

This painting technique involves the use of rolling a wet and crumpled rag over the wall surface with wet paint.


While paint is still wet, the use of a natural sponge will create a color variety and effect in your wall. This can either be created by removing the color or applying a different shade.

Stone Blocking:

When you want a whole new effect, you can always ask our team of professional paint contractors. The trompe l’oeil technique used in stone blocking can give your walls and ceiling the appearance of stone blocked walls with the right combination and shades of paint.

Using Stripes:

This technique sure never goes out of style. Whether used for a large scale or small scale, striped space creates a whole new different impression everyone would love. This technique when done by our interior home painting contractors can create a rich effect.

Using Venetian Plaster:

This technique involves the application of marble dust together with your choice of pigmented limestone to give you a look of a real authentic Venetian wall.

Wood Graining:

When the option for using wood can be too expensive for your budget, try the technique used by our home painting paint contractors. Also known as Faux Bois, wood graining is a technique that replicates different wood grains. Whether you want to replicate oak patters, walnuts and mahogany, we can do it for you.

Our views and creativeness never stop with these identified decorative painting techniques. Be sure to ask our team of professional paint contractors about the decorative painting technique that you want, and we would be more than happy to assist.