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Pinnacle Painters is a leading fence painting company in Philadelphia, known for its professional approach to enhancing and protecting your outdoor space. As a trusted fence painter near you, we have been in business for many years, dedicating ourselves to painting thousands of fences across the Philadelphia area. Our family-owned and operated business is built on a foundation of trust, quality, and punctuality, making us the go-to fence painting company for those seeking exceptional service.

At Pinnacle Painters, we recognize the significant impact a well-applied coat of paint can have on your fence's appearance and durability. That's why we're committed to using only the highest quality paints and stains, ensuring your fence not only looks stunning but is also well-protected against the elements. Our experienced painters are meticulous in their work, guaranteeing a flawless finish every time. Whether you're searching for "fence painting near me" or require expert advice, our team is always on hand to deliver top-notch service with a professional touch.

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Why Choose Pinnacle Painters?

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Affordable Fence Painting Services

We offer a variety of fence painting services to suit your needs and budget. Whether you need a basic paint job or something more elaborate, Pinnacle Painters can help. Our fence painting team specializes in fence painting services such as standard fence painting, power washing, sanding and staining, pressure washing, and custom fence painting services.  

We also offer a variety of paint finishes, so you can choose the one that best suits your home. We can come to your home and give you a free estimate, and we’ll even handle all the prep work and clean up when we’re done. 

Standard Fence Painting Service

Pinnacle Painters offers this type of service for fences that are in good condition and do not require any special prep work. Our fence painting team will simply come to your home, clean the fence, and then apply the paint of your choice. You can hire Pinnacle Painters, Philadelphia today for an affordable fence painting service. 

Fence Power Washing Service 

We offer this type of service for fences that are dirty or have mildew. Our professional painting team will remove any dirt, debris, or mildew from the fence. Once the fence is clean, the painting team can then apply the paint of your choice.

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Painting Services in Philadelphia

No Project Is Too Big Or Too Small

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Sanding and Staining Fence Painting Service 

If your fences are in need of a more thorough prep job, Pinnacle Painters will sand down the fence to remove any rough spots. Once the fence is smooth, we will then apply a stain of your choice. 

Pressure Washing and Fence Painting Service 

Pinnacle Painters, Philadelphia has a fence painting service that will suit your needs. We use our pressure washing service for fences that are extremely dirty or have a lot of mildew. Our painting team will expertly remove any dirt, debris, or mildew from the fence. Once the fence is clean, the painter will then apply the paint of your choice. 

Custom Fence Painting Service

You can call Pinnacle Painters, Philadelphia even if you require a specific design or look for your fence. Our painting team will work with you to create a custom design or look for your fence. 

A Fence Painting Company You Can Trust

If you are looking for a fence painting company in Philadelphia, then look no further than us. We will paint your fence the color of your choice, and we will do it right the first time. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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