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You may have finished other aspects of your new house construction project, or you may simply be tired of the paint color and want to give your house a facelift, and are wondering how long it will actually take to get your house professionally painted.

Find out how long painting companies take to paint houses and reasons to hire painting contractors for a quick paint job.

Average House Painting Duration

Giving your house a fresh coat of paint is much easier if you hire professionals to do the job. You can be more confident of the paint job lasting five to eight years if you hire professional painters. An experienced painting company can use the following timeline to paint an average two-story house.

Prep work

A painting contractor can use two days to clean and remove dirt, pollen, and loose paint. This process can involve pressure washing, priming, and surface preparation. You may need to give a day for drying if your house has wood siding.

Actual painting

A skilled house painter can typically use two or three days to paint an average house. They will make sure to clean up properly. If you're using a professional house painter, you should know that it takes a minimum of two fresh coats of paint to do a quality paint job. Similarly, you need to give room for proper dry time.

Different types of paint are used for different materials. You would not want to use the same kind of paint for aluminum siding as you would for wood siding. You can check how much attention to detail a house painting company pays when applying the paint. It's an indication of the quality of their services.

Cleaning up

Professional painters will make sure to take some time to do a thorough cleanup after a paint job. For instance, they can remove tape and drop cloths. Cleaning up is usually done within a few hours.

Determining Completion Time for Exterior Painting

The home's size is a significant factor in determining how long expert exterior painting contractors take to paint a home's exterior. The weather is another factor that determines the time to paint a house. For example, rain and extreme humidity can cause delays in house painting projects.

Average-sized homes (like two-story homes with four bedrooms or less) can usually be painted within four to five days. On the other hand, it can take up to six to seven days to paint larger houses. Overall, it generally takes professional painters around a week to perform exterior painting projects for a home.

Timeframe for Interior Paint Jobs

It can be essential to know how long your interior painting or house painting project will take. After all, you have your daily routine to get back to. Painting a house's interior can generally take five or six hours. This is the case for smaller-sized rooms. However, larger-sized rooms can take between three to five days.

This will allow for enough priming and painting time while also giving room for drying time. These timelines depend on whether you're hiring professional painters or going the DIY route. A professional painter is usually the better option for a precise and timely paint job.

Meanwhile, it is understandable for a professional painter to take a couple of days to complete an entire house painting project. On the other hand, if it is just a room, they may be done within a couple of hours.

Hiring professionals specializing in painting home interiors is wise if you're not experienced enough to do DIY painting. They can make the process of painting your home easier and faster.

Does Painting Rooms Take Long?

A professional painting company may paint one room per painter daily if you have several rooms. Generally, the room painting time estimate depends on the following factors:

  • Amount of household items to move.
  • Number of persons in the painting team.
  • Amount of repair work needed.
  • Amount of prep work needed.
  • Size and number of rooms that need painting.
  • Whether it's a new construction painting project or a renovation painting.

Some of these variables apply to interior and exterior painting projects.

How Durable is a House Paint Job?

If you use high-quality paints and follow the proper process, your house paint job can last between five to eight years. However, note that this duration can depend on the condition of your house and environmental factors. The longer duration of professionally painted houses emphasizes the need to follow steps such as adequate surface preparation and priming.

Reasons to Hire Painting Contractors

  • A professional house painter can help you choose the right quality of paint, type of paint, and paint colors for your project.
  • Painting contractors will have professional painters with the tools and equipment, such as drop cloths, ladders, and paint buckets.
  • You can also rely on them to have the relevant certifications and training.
  • Professional home painters can use a high-quality painting job to protect your home and boost its value.
  • You can depend on professional house painters to perform adequate paint preparation.

Tips on Hiring House Painters

  • It can be worthwhile to check the number of painters in the painting company's professional painting team. This is especially the case if you need a rushed painting job.
  • Check the time a painting company takes to complete a painting job. If it's exceedingly long, there may be a problem. For example, an interior painting job shouldn't take more than a week on average. However, remember that each painting project can have a unique timeline.
  • A painting quote item that can increase the cost of painting jobs is painting tools. You may want to watch out for it.
  • Do factor in the tendency for exterior painting jobs to take longer than interior painting jobs. This shouldn't be a surprise due to the effects of weather elements.
  • Of course, the bigger the size of your home, the longer the time to paint it will be.

Types of House Painting Services

It may interest you to know the specific house painting services you may consider:

Interior house painting services

Interior painting services include the following:

Exterior house painting services

Professional house painters can help you with the following exterior painting services:

Hire Professionals for Quick House Painting

This post has considered the big question of how long it takes house painters to paint a house. You have also read up on the factors determining the completion time of exterior and interior painting jobs.

You may now want to take the next step and do the actual painting. Remember that there are many advantages to hiring a professional painter.

With their experience, they can handle any challenges during the painting process, such as addressing uneven surfaces, repairing cracks or damages, and achieving a seamless finish.

You can tap into their expertise to ensure a high-quality and professional-grade paint job for your residential painting project. Above all, you will be more confident of an attractive and excellently done painting job.

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