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One thing's for sure; nobody likes a shoddy job. Discovering your paint contractors did an unprofessional exterior paint job can be disappointing. But even worse, you may only discover later on that the aesthetically looking job is not the lasting paint job that was promised.

This can make you wish for early telltale signs of a bad exterior paint job. This post can help you avoid a poorly done house painting job as you'll learn about the common signs of a bad exterior paint job before you start doing a large or even a small project.

This article also highlights steps to take for bad paint jobs, prepping for exterior and interior paint jobs, and the qualities of a good exterior painter.

What Are the Signs of a Bad Paint Job?

It is possible to tell early on if a paint job is terrible. Here, you can read up on signs to look out for as you thoroughly inspect your home's exterior during and after a painting job.

The paint begins to peel and crack

Peeling and cracking paint that starts to appear about a month later indicates a poor paint job. The exterior painters may have mixed the paint with water by as much as 50 percent.

Consequently, observe that your painter doesn't mix the paint with water. This will help you avoid applying a fresh coat of paint later on. Note that if the paint is too thin, it will likely crack or peel.

Failing to prime the surface

It is essential to prime surfaces before applying paint. This step in the painting process helps to conceal water stains and other blemishes before the paint is applied. Otherwise, these blemishes will show through the layer of paint.

The painting job looks streaky

If the painter fails to wash and properly dry the surface, streaks and slight paint color variations can appear. You may even discover blisters on the walls. Ultimately, the painting job looks unattractive.

This is because exterior walls can hold accumulated dirt and debris, impacting the painting. Good painting contractors may even go as far as including pressure washing in their surface preparation process.

Air holes appearing on the walls

This is another clear sign of a bad house painting job. The painter does not apply enough coats of paint. As a result, air holes appear on the walls and expose unpainted wall sections.

Blistering paint on wood siding and trim

A sign that a paint job is poorly done is when you see bubbles or blisters appearing under the paint film. This is often clearly seen on wood siding and trim.

Sagging or running paint

If you see sagging or running paint down the side of your house, the paint was applied poorly.

Rust discolorations and stains

If the painter fails to be keen, rust discolorations or black stains can appear on the paint surface.

Peeling paint due to inadequate adhesion

This can occur if the painter does not use high-quality paint. You may have to use high-quality house paint to repaint.

Steps to Take for Bad Paint Jobs

Holding a lousy painting company accountable for bad paint jobs is possible. This is especially true if you have not finished paying them and if they offer satisfaction guarantees. You can express your concerns and get the paint issues resolved.

However, if you are unsuccessful in addressing the issues, you may appeal to their need for a good reputation by specifying to leave a negative online review. Ultimately, consider hiring another reputable painting company.

What Painting Prep Work Entails

Painting preparation describes all the work you do before you paint. The activities of painting prep work can include the following:

• Cleaning and washing

• Filling gaps

• Clearing debris from the surfaces

• Sanding

• Fixing damaged surfaces

• Priming surfaces

These activities are necessary for the paint to adhere properly to the surface:

Importance of painting prep work

Several factors can impact painting projects. These factors include the quality of your paint, the type and quality of equipment, airflow, temperature, humidity levels, and proper prep work.

Good prep work is crucial to having a quality outcome for your painting job. For instance, using costly and highly-rated paint will do no good if you do not prep surfaces properly.

Paint will find it challenging to adhere to dirty surfaces. Moreover, the paint will start to peel or crack after some time. In addition, what wouldn't you do to enhance your curb appeal? Besides, you wouldn't want to waste time and money on a failed painting project.

Prepping for an interior paint job

A quality painting contractor knows how to prep for interior painting jobs. They will do adequate interior painting preparation. This can involve repairing cracks and blemishes, evening surfaces, and minor carpentry or masonry work.

Prepping for a home exterior paint job

Reputable painters will make a point of never watering down paint to save paint costs.

The right painting company will provide excellent preparation of exterior walls for your exterior painting project.

Such work can include the following:

• Pressure washing walls

• Removing old caulking

• Removing loose and peeling paint

• Repairing cracks

• Wall repair and other home repairs

Qualities of a Good Exterior Painter

When hiring a painting company, check for these signs of an excellent exterior painter:

• Reputable painters take care to choose high-quality paints and are transparent about their painting process.

• An early warning sign of unprofessional painters is if they seem hesitant to discuss details openly.

• Be sure to hire a reputable painting contractor for a high-quality exterior painting job.

• Paint professionals will know to avoid inevitable mistakes with different types of paints. For example, painting latex paint over oil-based paints will cause the latex paint to peel off.

• Professional painters will also ensure that every surface is clean and dry before applying paint. This way, no moisture or debris will stop the paint from adhering correctly.

• Another hallmark of a good exterior painting company is its ability to provide services like power washing. Power washing uses propelled water to knock off dirt and grime from surfaces.

• High-quality painting contractors know how to prepare various surfaces for painting properly. This includes metal surfaces.

• As a property owner, your project will be finished on time and on budget.

• They'll always pay attention to details on your project, whether you need small touchups or a fresh coat of paint.

• They know precisely how to handle moisture problems, such as excess moisture on wood sidings.

• They can scrape away blistered paint, sand bare wood, and let surfaces dry before painting.

• They keep communication lines open, and you can ask them about wood rot or signs it's time to paint or repaint your walls.

Hire Reliable Painting Professionals

So far, you have read up on the warning signs of a bad exterior paint job. You also know what steps to take for bad paint jobs, how to prepare for interior and exterior paint jobs, and the qualities of a good exterior painter. Furthermore, you have taken a look at the services of painting companies.

Overall, you would want your painting contractor to do an excellent job. As such, you can invite a professional exterior painting company to improve your home's curb appeal and value.

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