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You may have your own reason for putting your house on the market. You may have even finished almost all the processes. But before you have your first open house, you may be wondering whether to paint your house before selling. Not to worry, this post has an answer for you.

In addition, you can learn about home selling return on investment, factors affecting return on investment, and why you should paint your house before selling. The post also contains interior and exterior painting tips and reasons to hire a professional house painting company.

What is Return on Investment?

Return on Investment (ROI) is simply the difference between the resale value of your house and the cost of painting it.

Factors affecting ROI of painting houses before selling

Before deciding if you should paint your house before selling, you should weigh the impact of the factors that affect the ROI of painting houses. For example, several components impact the resale value and painting cost.

• If the size of your home is large, you will need more paint and more workers. This affects the cost of painting and the resale value.

• Your paint color choices can either attract or repel potential buyers. For example, using bold and eccentric colors may not be as inviting as using gray or blue colors.

• The popularity of your home's location can affect the resale value of your house. This is true in the real estate market. You can attract buyers without many renovations if the area is popular.

• The actual cost of painting is a huge factor. For instance, you have to weigh the labor costs of painting the exterior of your home even though you're saving time, stress, and energy.

• Keep in mind that you'll have to invest in high-quality paint.

• You may limit the scope of your painting job to just a particular part of the property's exterior. For instance, you may only add a fresh color to the front door and paint other exteriors with a neutral paint color to increase curb appeal.

• It would be best to consider the time factor. For instance, you may need more time to dedicate to painting the house before springtime if it's already January.

Why Paint Your House Before Selling?

Upon consideration, you'll realize several benefits to painting the house before selling it. Well, first off, a fresh coat of paint can do much to increase the value of your home. This can lead to a higher Return on Investment (ROI) for you.

If you're still pondering whether you should paint before listing your home, consider that painting gives an ROI of as high as 107 percent. In addition, painting your house before selling gives a great impression to potential buyers. It shows that you're proud of your living space.

Meanwhile, a fresh coat of paint on the exterior of your house already promises a clean and well-updated interior. As a result, they will more likely want to walk through your home.

Another variation of your question could be: "Should I repaint my house before selling it?" It is advisable to get an idea of your home's value before you repaint it. After all, such a painting project involves investing time and money.

Painting Your Home's Exterior

Improving the paint colors of your home's exterior can undoubtedly add value to your house. Potential buyers will likely have an inviting first impression. Ultimately, your action of painting the exterior of your home helps increase the resale value.

In turn, you get a higher return on investment. You should adopt a holistic approach when painting the exterior of your house. Think about the conditions of the colors of front doors, garage doors, and trims.

Furthermore, potential buyers can be turned off by the sight of wood rot, fading paint, and peeling paint. As such, you should regard these as signs to repaint your home's exterior. It is crucial to perform needed repairs before painting.

For example, you can hurt your chances of listing your home if your inspector discovers you painted over rotting wood. Consequently, replacing rotted clapboards and fixing loose siding before painting makes sense.

Choosing exterior paints

Painting the exterior can be done using clean neutral tones. It can give an aesthetic appeal if the paint colors match those of other neighborhood homes. In any case, you should use at most three colors to paint the exterior of your house. A good percentage rule to follow is the 60-30-10 rule.

Your aim is to use 60 percent on the body of the home, 30 percent on garage doors and trim, and 10 percent on the front. However, if you have painted the exterior recently, you may only need to do some power washing. This is especially true for the exterior walls.

Painting the Interior

Records show that painting a home's interior before selling your house can increase the sale price by up to 3 percent. In fact, simply painting the interior can help rejuvenate your home's appeal without the need for more significant renovations. Areas you should remember to include in your plans when considering interior painting include kitchen walls, cabinets, trim, behind toilets, and living spaces.

Choosing interior paints

Adding a coat of paint to your interior walls is an excellent way of making your home look new and fresh. Painting the entire wall with fresh paint is a great idea. This is because the paint on the wall may be slightly faded.

You may decide to paint with neutral tones, as neutral paint colors can give a cohesive look to a home's interior. Going with neutral colors can increase the chances of your homebuyer's furnishings and drapes matching your house's colors.

Using a color such as lime-green may turn off potential buyers, so use shades of gray or white. As a home seller, ensuring that a buyer does not have to paint your house before moving in can help sell your house. If you have a bright and bold taste of colors, you should consider that your buyer may not have the same.

Do not forget to repaint areas with flaking or peeling paint. You can as well leave all the painting work involved before selling your house in the capable hands of professional painters.

Should I Hire a Professional for House Painting?

There are several reasons to hire a professional to paint the house before selling:

• It saves time that you can use to perform other activities to get your home ready to sell. Overall, you can place your house on the market sooner.

• A house painting professional can offer valuable insight into great exterior paints, the painting process, and increasing the resale value. They can even provide you with a home remodeling guide.

• Above all, you want to attract buyers' agents who buy houses for their clients, or you simply want to list your rental property. Doing competent house painting jobs will help achieve these objectives.

• Getting your home painted is essential in getting your house ready to sell. You wouldn't want to fail home inspections that make house deals fall through.

A Professional Painting Company Can Help

Unless your property does not provide a real estate market advantage if you paint, you have excellent reasons to paint your house before selling. From this post, you know more about return on investment and the factors affecting the return on investment of painting houses before selling.

You are also more familiar with choosing interior and exterior paints. Your next step can be to decide if you'll go the DIY route or get a professional house painting company to paint your house before selling. A professional house painter can make your home look ready to sell and help you sell your house fast.

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