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Smokin' Hot Exterior Color Trends To Follow This Year

Whether you are thinking to sell your home or looking forward to give it a fresh look, opting for the best quality paint and color is essential. However, we have noticed that many people find it difficult to select the topmost quality paint and shade that goes well with their building structure.

If you are also stuck in deciding the best color for your dwelling, here are the smokin’ hot exterior trends that you must look at.

Pick Minimum Color Schemes

The present trend prevailing is classic color schemes which have amazing cool colors. The most important part is that in spite modern colors they help to protect the integrity and structure of your dwelling.

Be Careful of Darker Exterior Colors

Are you familiar with the fact that darker colors absorb more heat? If not, so keep in mind to avoid selecting the darker color for exteriors as it would double the heat of your house from inside by 6%. It can draw a large amount of heat to the exterior such that the render will take no time to break apart.

Think about the Surrounding Area

When we look for trending color schemes of designers or architectures, you must pay attention that it suits the adjoining environment. Are you confused about how to check this? The best way to make sure is to stand in front of your street and judge.

If you are looking to make your exterior look the coolest all over the Philadelphia city, opt for nice painters that provide perfect exterior painting services in Philadelphia. This would help to give a nice appearance to your house.

To be more specific, let us have a look at the five colors, which can be used in combination or ideally to refresh the overall appearance of your home.


• It is a contrast of warm white and pale gray color, which gives a nice look.

• It suits well with weatherboard homes and timber windows.

• It acts as a sheet under which all the dirt and dust can be hidden.


• Pale gray offers a pleasant contrast to light colors.

• It also blends well with the natural surroundings.


• In case, the exterior of your house is surrounded by materials such as bricks or stone, pale gray is the best color to go for.


• This color match up great if the surrounded exterior area is covered with vegetation of trees and grasses.

• An earthy tone is excellent on the outer side.


• Usually dwelling with high contrast landscapes requires a paint of high color palettes.

So, got the right path? Now don’t waste more time pondering here and there and select the perfect color paint by following the above five trending exterior colors.

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